Welcome to the Classic Rating Formula website.  This is where you apply for and view your 2019 CRF MkII certificate, search for other yachts’ certificates, and learn more about CRF MkII.

CRF MkII was introduced in 2017 as an update to the original Classic Rating Formula which has been in use for decades.  CRF MkII ratings are based primarily on the same owner-declared data used by previous versions of CRF with a few additional declarations added to deal with centerboard and spinnaker details.

The goal of CRF MkII is to provide an objective, accurate and transparent rating system that provides for fair racing across a wide range of yacht sizes and types and across the range of sailing conditions.  To that end, it is anticipated that adjustments to the factors and formulae used to calculate CRF MkII ratings will be made from year to year based on an in-depth analysis of the sailing conditions experienced and race results recorded during previous seasons.

All yachts competing in a classic regatta will need a new certificate for 2019.  In 2019, membership in the Classic Yacht Owners Association will be required for a certificate to be issued. (to join CYOA, please visit www.classicyachts.org).  To get your 2019 certificate, click on the GET/RENEW A CRF tab, and follow the instructions.  If you had a certificate in 2017 or 2018, information from that certificate will autofill this year’s application, thereby simplifying the process.  If you have not applied for a CRF MkII rating before, you will need to set up a CRF MkII account (create a user name and password) and then start your application for a 2019 rating certificate.  Note that if you own more than one yacht or you have sold one and bought another, you do not need a separate account for each yacht.  To register additional yachts, just go to your CRF MkII account and follow the directions for adding a different yacht to your account.  Also, if any of your prior measurements or data on your current yacht have changed, you will need to update that data to ensure that your rating is accurate.

All correspondence in reference to your rating will now be managed through this site, and you will also have seamless access to the CRF database.