CRF (Classic Rating Formula) was developed as a measurement system for rating yachts of varying types and sizes with traditional, full-keeled designs. Generally based on the old Off Soundings Rule, it was first used for the Opera House Cup and then later for all classic events in New England.

Over the years, as the classic yachting community has grown, adjustments to CRF have been made to accommodate different boats. In 2016, the Classic Yacht Owners Association (CYOA) formed a technical committee to review CRF versus other rating alternatives including PHRF, Europe’s CIM, and an ORC VPP-based system. The group quickly recognized that current CRF ratings provide a reasonable reflection of the real world performance potential of some yachts within classes of similar sizes and types. However, the Committee also recognized that there are notable exceptions, and as a means of addressing these shortcomings, the Committee developed a comprehensive reformulation of CRF that has been dubbed ‘CRF MkII’. The formulae underlying the MkII proposal are based on the CRF 2016 data requirements.

A CRF MkII rating continues to be based on owner-supplied measurement inputs and is not impacted by past or subjective performance criteria. A CRF MkII rating is expressed on the certificate both in decimal feet and in seconds per mile. With the development of CRF MkII, and with continual review by the Technical Committee, we expect CRF MkII ratings will be as accurate, objective and transparent as possible.

CYOA 2018-2019 Technical Committee
Simon Davidson, Chair
Adam Langerman
Joe Loughborough
Brad Read
Bob Stephens
Greg Stewart
Jim Taylor
Susan Wayne
Steve White


Classic Yachting in New England 2019


© Cory Silken/Panerai

Marilee sailing in the Newport Classic Yacht Regatta. copyright Cory Silken/Panerai
Adamant sailing in the Opera House Cup Regatta. copyright Cory Silken/Panerai
The Blue Peter sailing at the Opera House Cup regatta. copyright Cory Silken/Panerai